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Have your tried dieting before and have not found long-lasting success? Dr. Herman Daniels will help you achieve your weight loss goal by helping you approach weight loss as a long-term change in your health.



Your weight loss plan will begin with a thorough physical, and medical evaluation with Dr. Herman Daniels. He will discuss your medical and weight history, screen your vitals, and review your blood and urine samples. Once Dr. Daniels establishes your individual health needs, he will customize your diet and health plan to tailor-fit you.



Dr. Herman Daniels will provide continuous monitoring of your health, diet, and exercise plan, and address any medical and non-medical challenges that have hindered your previous weight loss attempts. Dr. Daniels’ offers the long-term support you need to keep the weight off.



Once you achieve your weight loss goals Dr. Herman Daniels will create a simple lifestyle maintenance plan that will help you maintain your weight loss. By the time you achieve your desired weight, you will be slimmer, healthier, and more energetic. You will have better eating habits, excellent nutrition, and the necessary tools to maintain a healthy weight, and optimal health.



Weight Loss Program – FAQ

Have questions about our weight loss program? Please see our most commonly asked questions, below. Click each question to view.

What Happens During The Initial Visit?

During your first visit Dr. Daniels will review your medical and weight history, and determine your current state of health. your visit will include a physical exam, EKG, body composition analysis, and blood work. Dr. Daniels will test for a number of medical conditions including cholesterol levels, diabetes, and thyroid disorders. Depending on your personal medical history, Dr. Daniels may perform additional tests to provide the most effective course of treatment.

Will I Need Medication?

After your medical evaluation, Dr. Daniels will determine if you need an appetite suppressant. Dr. Daniels prescribes only  the safest and most effective FDA-approved prescription appetite suppressants, and dietary supplements.

Are There Side Effects?

Side effects are possible, as with any medication. If you are prescribed appetite suppressants, Dr. Daniels will discuss potential side effects. If you experiencing any adverse side effects, call Dr. Daniels at 202-296-5284.

How Often Will I Need To Come In?

Dr. Daniels will establish your weight loss schedule after developing your diet and health plan.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Dr. Daniels does not accept medical insurance, since physician-supervised weight loss programs are not covered by medical insurances. However, he offers affordable plans that are proven effective. Call 202-296-5284 for more information.


  • “I workout but it still doesn't firm up the areas that I am concerned about. With VelaShape, I am able to target these areas. I noticed that my thighs circumference went down significantly. I was really impressed! The treatment feels like a warm massage, so there is no pain. I absolutely believe it has been worth the money.

  • “Results with the Sublime procedure are so good that people ask if I have had a face lift.”

    Mother of Two, Age 45

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